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Dr. Hsieh has developed and taught six new courses for the first time in the history of California University of Pennsylvania (CAL U)Introduction of Forensics, Crime Scene Imaging, Computer Forensics, Cyber Crime Investigation, Cybere Security and Cyber Criminology (Graduated Program), Forensic Investigation (Graduated Program). At this current moment, He is planning to develop a couple of additional new courses for computer forensics certification, and forensic Video Analysis.

forensics field trip1 forensics field trip 2       As a full-time faculty at California University, Dr. Hsieh has been committed to Excellence in Teaching. His philosophy of excellence in teaching is rooted in his values, knowledge and experience as both an academic and a professional. He encourages his students and work with them to become better citizens.He gives them work that needs critical thinking, logic, and analysis. He teaches them to question the validity of the information in hand and make informed decisions, to think outside the box. He has challenged and engaged his students using the Cooperative and Active Learning models.

Dr. Hsieh & mock crime scene 3 Dr. Hsieh & mock crime scene 4      Dr. Hsieh has integrated new formal presentations using a scientific format, written critical thinking exercises and applied Socratic discussions in the classroom. Thus, the majority of the students (98%) express very strongly positive opinions on his teaching style.As a result of his teaching effectiveness, he was nominated for the Presidential Gala Faculty Award in the Teaching category in 2007, 2012; FPDC (Faculty Professional Development Center) Teaching Award in 2010, 2011, & 2012

high school career fair 1 high school career fair 2    Moreover, as an individual assignment, He serves as a coordinator on forensics event of Science Olympiad since 2006 and a recruiter for California University on six school districts in the areas of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Bethel Park, Canon-McMillan, Chartiers Valley, Mt. Lebanon, Peters Twp, South Fayette, and South Park) of high school Engineering /Science /Aviation/Trade Career Fair since 2006.

forensic club at CAL UDr. Hsieh & Mock Crime Scene 6   Dr. Hsieh supervises the Forensic Club to enhance students' forensic learning by hands-on practice.He has presented in Academic Excellent Day of California University in the subjects of “Crime Scene Investigation and Forensics” as well as “CAL U CSI: California Student Investigator

As of the hands-on practice in Dr. Hsieh's class, click the following Youtube video to review some of the techniques he taught in class.

The Process of Manual Undeleted File

or simply click here to view video through Youtube web site

To Cast a Shoe Print: Forensic student has demonstrated how to process of casting a shoe print

or simply click here to view video through Youtube web site

Ninhydrin Fingerprinting

or simply click here to view video through Youtube web site

Superglue fuming

or simply click here to view video through Youtube web site

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